Each spot gets you 1 random division from a single Hobby Box.

Product Highlights

Donruss Elite has something for everyone and is loaded with stars of today, stars of tomorrow and stars of the past!

Chase some of the first Rookie Cards with updated NFL marks and photography from future stars like Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, DeVonta Smith and many more!

Find Hobby exclusive inserts which include Rookie Elitist, Elite Deck, Elite Company, Rookie on Deck and NEW in 2021 Ascension!

Hunt for the stunning case hit Playmakers insert which is exclusively found in Hobby Boxes!

New in 2021 chase even more of the top Rookies with the addition of Rookie Variations which will feature unique photography from the regular rookie cards!


  • 2 Autographs
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 3 Rookies
  • 6 Parallels
  • 11 Inserts

Key Rookies

Look for key rookies, including:

  • Trevor Lawrence
  • Trey Lance
  • Zach Wilson
  • Justin Fields
  • Mac Jones
  • Kyle Pitts
  • Ja'Marr Chase
  • Jaylen Waddle
  • Devonta Smith
  • Kadarious Toney
  • Najee Harris
  • Travis Etienne
  • Javonte Williams


    • 20 packs per box
    • 5 cards per pack

      Break Rules

      Breaks when filled or when product arrives (estimate 7/23), whichever comes later. Each spot gets you 1 random division.

      1. We'll take the list of buyers' names for all 6 spots and randomize it 3x using Random.org
      2. Then we'll line up the randomized list against the list of 6 divisions, so each division is assigned an owner. Cards¹ go to the owner of the corresponding division.
      3. Owner of the division of the team printed on the main image of the card receives all applicable cards¹. In the event of cards containing 2 or more players from different divisions a randomizer will be used to randomly assign the card to one of the divisions.
      4. If the card has no pro-team printed on the card (e.g. College/All-Star uniform and/or College/All-Star team printed as the team on the card), the card will be assigned to the division the player currently plays in at the time of the break. If the player is retired, card will be assigned to the division of the team the player was on for the longest.

          Product Breakdown

          BASE: Look for a 100-card Base checklist, which includes all the best and brightest stars the NFL has to offer!

          - Aspirations max /99
          - Status max /99
          - Aspirations Die Cut /24
          - Status Die Cut /24
          - Red /399
          - Purple /99
          - Orange /49
          - Teal /25
          - Blue /10
          - Black /1

          BASE RAZZLE DAZZLE: Look for the not numbered Super Short Printed Razzle Dazzle parallels of both the Base and the Rookies!

          ROOKIES: Chase all the top Rookies the NFL has to offer in one of its first officially licensed Rookie cards!

          - Aspirations max /99
          - Status max /99
          - Aspirations Die Cut /24
          - Status Die Cut /24
          - Red /399
          - Purple /99
          - Orange /49
          - Teal /25
          - Blue /10
          - Black /1

          PEN PALS: A staple of Donruss Elite chase the first on-card rookie autographs in their NFL uniforms with Pen Pals!

          PEN PALS DUALS: Look for the rare dual-signed Pen Pals, which features two on-card autographs from some of the top rookies the NFL has to offer!

          2001 ELITE: Look for rare 2001 Elite throwback inserts, which pay homage to the design of 20 years ago!

          MOXIE: New in 2021 look for the bright and colorful Moxie Jersey insert, which highlights NFL stars that have an extra edge on the field!

          STAR STATUS: Look for an in your face, vibrant insert what captures only NFL super stars in a unique and creative way!

          - Red /99
          - Purple /75
          - Orange /25
          - Blue /10
          - Gold /5
          - Black /1

          PLAYMAKERS: Chase the super short-print case hit inserts Playmakers, which is found exclusively in the Hobby SKU!


          (1) Scope of cards shipped depends on the option you've chosen 👆 for "Cards to Ship"