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Each spot gets you 1 random cell from a single Universal Treasures 2020 Halloween repack box.

ūüĎ欆All cards¬†ship!

Product Highlights

All individual¬†cards are Topps Baseball ranging from 1952-1986¬Ļ

One 1990 Topps Frank Thomas RC in every box!

One 1990 Topps Update Ken Griffey Jr RC in every box!

One 1993 Topps Derek Jeter RC in every 10 boxes (i.e. 9:1 odds)

Look for 1 of 20 redemption cards redeemable for an unopened Universal Treasures 5 Box case

Look for vintage Topps packs ranging from 1980-1990

ūüĒ• Look for monster HOF cards, including:

  • Mickey Mantle RC
  • Mickey Mantle cards ranging from 1953-1969
  • Hank Aaron RC
  • Pete Rose RC
  • George Brett RC
  • Eddie Murray RC
  • Rickey Henderson RC
  • ..and many more!¬†


    • 4 rack packs per box
    • 3 cells per rack pack
    • 11-12 cards per cell

      Break Rules

      Breaks when filled. Each spot gets you 1 random cell from a single rack pack within the box. 

      1. We'll take the list of buyers' names for all 12 spots and randomize it 3x using Random.org
      2. Then we'll line up the randomized list against a numbered list ordered 1 through 12 so each cell is assigned an owner. 
      3. The order of the rack packs will be randomized by stacking all 4 rack packs on top of one another, randomizing the numbers 1-4 and assigning each number to each rack pack starting from the top of the randomized numbers list, and the top of the stack, respectively. For example, the number at the top of the randomized list will be assigned to the rack pack at the top of the stack.
      4. Cells within the rack packs will be ordered from left-to-right, with the purple colored card cell on the far left and the gum cell on the far right. For example, the card cell at the far left of the top rack pack is the #1 spot, while the card cell at the far right of the bottom rack pack is the #12 spot.


      (1) Excludes entire packs, which range from 1980-1990.