Product Highlights

  • Luis Robert 🔥
  • Kyle Lewis 🔥 
  • Randy Arozarena
  • Bo Bichette
  • Trent Grisham
  • Jesus Luzardo
  • Yordan Alvarez
  • Dylan Cease
  • Aristides Aquinio
  • Austin Nola
  • Nico Hoerner
  • Dustin May


        • 7 packs per box
        • 5 cards per pack + 1 bonus pack

        Product Breakdown

        300 cards featuring full-bleed images of the greats of the game, from retired stars to the hottest young rookies.

        -Red Foil
        -Black Foil
        -Sepia FoilRETAIL ONLY
        -Rainbow Foilboard: #d to 25
        -First Day Issue: Limited to 10
        -Members Only
        -Photographers Proof
        -Gold Rainbow Foil: #d 1 of 1

        Base Card Chrome Variations: 90 subjects

        Base Chrome Parallels:
        -Orange: #d to 99
        -Gold Minted: 1 per case


        NEW! In the Wings
        Inspired by the 1998 insert, this set features young players ready to become the next stars of MLB. 1 per box

        NEW! Bash & Burn
        A favorite from 1996 Stadium Club returns with cards showcasing ballplayers who have both speed AND power. 1:8 packs

        Power Zone
        Celebrating the big bats of MLB. 1:8 packs

        Emperors of the Zone
        Pitchers with speed and command of the strike zone take center stage int his set. 1:8 packs

        All inserts above receive the following parallels:
        -Red: 1 per case
        -Black: #d to 99
        -Orange: #d to 50
        -Gold Rainbow: #d 1 of 1

        This 10-card set includes the most collectible stars with special CHROME refractor pieces embedded directly into the cards.

        -Red: #d to 50
        -Black: #d to 25
        -Orange: #d to 10
        -Gold Rainbow: #d 1 of 1


        Base Card Autographs
        On-Card autograph version of player base cards.

        -Red: #d to 50
        -Black: #d to 25
        -Orange: #d to 5 RETAIL ONLY

        NEW! In the Wings Autographs
        -Base: #d to 15
        -Orange Parallel: #d to 5

        NEW! Bash and Burn Autographs
        -Base #d to 10
        -Orange Parallel: #d to 5

        Co-Signers Autographs
        -Base: #d to 10
        -Orange Parallel: #d to 5

        Power Zone Autographs
        -Base: #d to 15
        -Orange Parallel: #d to 5

        Lone Star Signatures
        -Base: #d to 25
        -Orange Parallel: #d to 5

        NEW! Widevision Boxloaders
        25 widevision cards to collect featuring the biggest stars of the MLB. 1 PER BLASTER BOX!