Product Highlights

Look for key rookies and short prints, including: 

  • Emmitt Smith RC (HOF) 🔥
  • Santa Claus SP
  • Super Pro SP
  • And many more!

1990 Pro Set Series II is infamous for its absurd (but cool) number of error and variations cards. Some sources report the set to contain over 500 total errors/variations across both series. Some have even suggested Pro Set even deliberately consipired to produce the massive number of errors to boost collector interest. While we'll probably never know the truth to that rumor, we do know this set has established somewhat of a cult-like following due to the lore surrounding it. 

Series II consists of 392 cards (excluding errors) and runs from card number 378-769. Within this series are several subsets, including Pro Bowlers, Draft Choices, Pro Prospects, Hall of Fame Photo Contest cards and a series that covers NFL news and events. There is also a Super Bowl MVP insert set that can be found at a rate of one card per pack. This is sharp set with great, tightly-cropped action photography, a simple design, great player selection and a robust checklist.

The Santa Claus card is probably the most famous card in the history of Pro Set. It was first introduced when the company set it to dealers as a way to promote their product. The collectability of the card caught fire quickly, and it eventually found its way into Series II packs as a short print. In celebratory fashion, the cards dons the Night Before Christmas tale on the back.


  • 9 packs per stack
  • 14 cards per pack

Random stack will be chosen unless breaker prompts you to specify a preference in the live stream chat and your response is promptly received.