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Each spot gets you 1 random team from a single hobby box.Ā 

šŸ‘ AnyĀ unfilled spots will beĀ divided pro-rataĀ across filled spots.

āš ļøLimit 5 per person, please!

Product Highlights

2021 Diamond Kings perfectly blends the legends of yesterday with the up-and-coming superstars of today to create a product suitable for all collectors!

Hunt for ultra rare insert sets like DK DeLong, Blackout and more!

Legendary memorabilia has long been the calling card for Diamond Kings, so be on the lookout for it in DK Materials, Jersey Kings, Bat Kings, and Diamond Cuts!

Find the first autographed memorabilia cards of the 2021 rookie class in DK Material Signatures!

    Box Break

    • 2 Autographs or Relics šŸ”„
    • 10Ā Gray Frame Parallels šŸŒˆ
    • 1 Plum Frame Parallels šŸŒˆ
    • 12 Inserts šŸ’Æ


      • 12Ā packs per box
      • 8Ā cards per pack

        Break Rules

        BreaksĀ Friday 6/11 at 9PM ET!Ā Each spot gets you 1 random team from a single hobby box.Ā  Any unfilled spots will be unfilled spots will be divided pro-rata across the filled spots.

        1. We'llĀ take the list of buyers' namesĀ for allĀ 30 spots and randomize it 3x using Random.org
        2. Then we'll line upĀ the randomized list against the list of 30 teams, so each team is assigned an owner. Cards1Ā go to the owner of the corresponding team.
        3. Owner of the team printed on the main image of the card receives all applicable cards1. In the event of cards containing 2 or more players from differentĀ teams Random.org will be used to randomize that card between the associated teams.
        4. In the event of a player being in a non-pro team (e.g. College/All-Star uniform and/or College/All-Star team printed as the team on the card), the card will be assigned to the team the player currently plays in at the time of the break. If the player is retired, card will be assigned to the team the player was on for the longest.

        Product Breakdown

        BASE GRAY FRAME:Ā Look for a mix of retired, legend and veteran players in this Base set with 7 different parallels, including hobby-exclusive Gray Frame and Plum Frame!

        DK SIGNATURES HOLO GOLD:Ā Hunt for autographs from key rookies like Bohm, Luis Garcia, Jake Cronenworth and more in DK Signatures!

        DK MATERIAL SIGNATURES HOLO PLATINUM BLUE:Ā DK Material Signatures features 2 memorabilia swatches paired with an autograph from a rookie that's part of an incredibly deep 2021 rookie class!

        BLACKOUT:Ā Look for ultra rare inserts in Diamond Kings like Blackout, DK DeLong and more!

        THE ART OF HITTING HOLO BLUE:Ā The Art of Hitting is an insert set that showcases some of the best hitters to play the game!

        GALLERY OF STARS HOLO SILVER:Ā Gallery of Stars is a 15-card set that showcases some of the game's brightest stars!

        SIGNATURE PORTRAITS:Ā Find autographs from plenty of current and former stars featured in DK Originals

        ELEGANCE:Ā Elegance features 10 players who play light on their feet and have a knack for making the hard plays seem routine.

        BAT KINGS:Ā Legends like Foxx, Shoeless Joe and Tris Speaker share this checklist with modern stars like Miguel Cabrera and Anthony Rizzo to create a lineup fitting the insert name Bat Kings!



        (1)Ā Scope of cards shipped depends on the option you've chosenĀ šŸ‘† for "Cards to Ship"