Product Highlights

Each spot gets you 1 random team from:

  • 1x 2020 Luminance Hobby
  • 1x 2020 Contenders Blaster
  • 1x 2020 Contenders Value Pack
  • 1x 2020 Donruss Blaster
  • 1x 2020 Donruss Value Pack

Hits - Luminance Hobby

  • 3 Autos 🖊🖊🖊
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 5 Parallels 🌈

Hits - Contenders Blaster

  • 1 Autograph or Rookie Ticket Swatch
  • 5 Inserts

Hits - Contenders Value

  • 5 Exclusive Emerald Parallels 🌈

Hits - Donruss Blaster

  • 1 Exclusive Memorabilia Card or Magnet Cards! 
  • 11 Rated Rookies or Rookies
  • 1 Parallels 🌈
  • 3 Inserts

Hits - Donruss Value

  • 4 Exclusive Blue Parallels 🌈

    Break Rules

    Breaks when filled. Each spot gets you 1 random team. 

    1. We'll take the list of buyers' names for all 30 spots and randomize it 3x using Random.org
    2. Then we'll line up the randomized list against the list of 30 teams, so each team is assigned an owner. Cards1 go to the owner of the corresponding team.
    3. Owner of the team printed on the main image of the card receives all applicable cards1. In the event of cards containing 2 or more players from different teams a randomizer will be used to randomly assign the card to one of the teams.
    4. If the card has no pro-team printed on the card (e.g. College/All-Star uniform and/or College/All-Star team printed as the team on the card), the card will be assigned to the team the player currently plays in at the time of the break. If the player is retired, card will be assigned to the team the player was on for the longest.



    (1) Scope of cards shipped depends on the option you've chosen 👆 for "Cards to Ship"